Have A Harp Gallery

It was a magical evening! The Pamlico County Arts Council staged a delicious dinner and delightful dance with participants dressed in their medieval garb. I greatly enjoyed providing the entry harp music for the arrival and dinner of the grand event, February 2019, in Washington, North Carolina at the Civic Center.

So what do you do to make the most of your last day of summer?
And what a beauty of a bride!
Not only did I greatly enjoy being part of such a happy occasion playing harp music for all parts of the wedding, but the bonus …. Sitting at the same table as our friends and neighbors at the reception!
Thought you might enjoy seeing some of the creative and authentic looking medieval costumes worn by participants at the Pamlico County Arts Ball last February.

What a joy teaching this young future harpist how to play a glissando at my favorite Christmas season kick off event, A Taste of Farmville! Playing at Farmville Furniture is the absolute best!

Talk about a very long Aisle at Jarvis Memorial Methodist Church in Greenville for this October wedding. It was just an honor being asked to play for this very beautiful event!

Enjoyed playing Harp for a wedding at a new venue last night, Bellefont Plantation House near Grimesland. The varied musical genre during the prelude made for a lovely, relaxing, and elegant atmosphere while everyone waited for the wedding to begin.
The whole event was just a delight.
Notice Dan checking out the cupcakes.

This year we are flying back to Greenville from Las Vegas after a six weeks “Out West Adventure” beginning with the total eclipse of the sun in Idaho. What a wonderful time visiting and hiking in the national parks: Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, Arches, Canyonlands, Capital Reef, Bryce Canyon, and Zion. Let me just say, a couple of those hikes were pretty darn scary!

What a fun evening at Farmville Furniture! It’s always a great beginning to the wonderful Christmas season. I think this is our 12th year playing in this event.